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A Love Like Ours

“Like fine cheese and wine, a really great relationship gets better with age.

The privilege of photographing so many 50 th wedding anniversary couples in the last number of years has just thrilled me and enlightened my own view of what a great loving relationship can truly be like.

As a photographer, I really don't even need to pose, or prompt or direct couples when they are deeply in love. The magic is all theirs and I celebrate capturing those treasured moments on film. Did I tell you how much I love my job?”

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Black and White Portraiture

“The eyes are the windows to the soul”

Never has black and white portraiture had such a popularity as it has during our last decade and into our new millennium. This is likely due to our own images of childhood preserved in “timeless shades of grey tones”.

Definitely one of my most favourite tools to work with, a pure black and white film, custom printed on black and white dedicated portrait paper becomes a spectacular image to behold.

Any and all types of portraiture can celebrate this medium. The preference will always be your choice.

Call Me Creative

My portrait photography seems to take on a life of its own, when my subjects reveal their hobbies and interests and dreams. The moment when that truth is celebrated in their expressions, is the time that I feel complete as an artist recording their souls on film.

When a single image can be parlayed into many different languages and cultures and appreciated by all ages, wow, you know you've touched your clients in a very deeply emotional way.

I am blessed to have been given this gift of speaking the language of light.

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“Image is Everything!”

Our Clarkson Village Studio has the capability to create your corporate image for publication, advertising and promotion, and internet identity. Black and White or colour, head and shoulder poses are usually the normal requisite in executive portraiture.

Our specialty in this area is environmental business assignments (at your location) to truly capture your range of character and expressions. The choice is always yours.

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Family Location

“More than just pictures…….”

“In all too recent times, we have heard that during the event of a house fire or a flood, after all the family members are safe and sound, the family photographs are the next important piece of property to be saved. There is much power in those portraits!”

Time, history, traditions, relationships, celebrating family love and commitment, are all elements of these treasured photographs.

Childhood, family reunions, anniversaries, holidays, cherished leisure life, and “just because”. These are all wonderful reasons to preserve moments in a professional family portrait.

From custom portrait presentation albums to custom canvassed and framed wall portraits, Welcome Aboard Photography can provide you and your family with beautiful interpretive images whose value will ever increase with the passing of time.

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Heaven Sent

“Photographing the miracle of life in its purest form took on a new dimension when my first child was born. This miracle of creation was perfect and new. Waiting to be nurtured and cared for.”

To photograph a newborn baby in such a way that you can imagine their sweet smelling skin, feel their perfectly designed fingers and toes and fall in love with their angelic little faces, brings this artist continued joy indeed!

I've always enjoyed capturing infants and their parents together too. They get locked into this love affair during our portrait session and it is my privilege to be invited into that circle of pure love. All time is lost in our moments together.

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Life at the Cottage

“Gathering families together often is getting more and more complicated in our busy lives!” A favourite retreat away from hectic schedules leads us to cottage country.

Since 1988, I have been experiencing the joy of capturing family generations enjoying leisure time at their cottages. This is one of my most beloved forms of portrait photography. Beautifully blending people, landscapes, water and of course light, cottage country has all the elements for timeless, emotional portraiture.

“Have portable camera equipment…. Will travel”

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“Sunrise on the water, the fresh smell of the dawn, and the peaceful opening of a brand new day, and the beauty of morning light.”

My dream of creating beautiful portraits began with this vision. The logical location would be on a yacht, or a sailboat, or by a shoreline. Thus the inspiration for our studio's name, Welcome Aboard Photography. After thousands of sunrises later, I still get so excited with photographing the early morning light!

These vessels and their crews, have offered me countless dynamic images of the nautical lifestyle. Again, I am truly blessed each time I pick up my tools and set out to perfect my photographic craft.

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One of parents' greatest accomplishments, by far, is to nurture their children to develop a great and loving relationship with each other. Next to the parental bond, brothers' and sisters' lifelong connections are gifts from heaven above!

What a great opportunity to have beautiful timeless portraits of these souls. An eight day old little baby boy nestled in his five year old sister's loving arms, and tenderly kissed can make you weep with love and joy everytime you gaze at the image. Three university graduates home for the Thanksgiving holidays and hanging off of each other in a cluster at a casual studio setting, marks yet another milestone in their lives. Anytime is good to just capture siblings' stages. They will be richer for having these moments preserved! Guaranteed.

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“And now these three remain. Faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these….. is love.” 1 Cor. 13:13

It's finally here! All your life you've dreamed, envisioned, and fantasised what your own wedding day would be. What a glorious celebration to mark the beginning of a huge chapter in your life's history. (It's that big!)

All of the beauty of the day and the most cherished details of the planning will be recorded with care, passion, excitement and love from this artist. My job is easy. The privilege is mine for being invited into this, your sweetest day and to preserve the images that you will want to keep looking at and sharing your memories in.

Blessings to the man and woman who cherish each other so much in their marriage!

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